Information Security Analyst

Salt Lake City, Utah, United States · Information Security


Teem is looking to hire an Information Security Analyst to augment our Information Security Team. This position reports directly to Teem’s InfoSec Director and is based in our Salt Lake City office downtown.

In this role, you’ll spend your week on various tasks. You’ll help and interact directly with our customers through completion of Security Surveys and Data Processing Agreements. This isn’t a rubber stamp task; you’ll be asked to redline documents to include or exclude changes based on your information security experience and Teem’s infrastructure.

Part of your week will focus on Third Party Vendor reviews for Teem making sure our vendors protect our customer’s data in accordance with our contracts. You’ll conduct Third Party interviews to identify strengths and weaknesses of our providers. You’ll also review, write, and train Teem staff on internal policy and procedures working toward SOC and CSA STAR Certification.

Finally, and the really fun part of the position, you’ll spend part of your week on infrastructure auditing and testing. This includes vulnerability assessment and management, perimeter protection, and lots more. You’ll work closely with IT to secure our corporate infrastructure.

How You’ll Get It Done:



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